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I know that your medical questions don't stop when office hours are over.  In fact, that's probably when they arise.  Luckily, I have information that just may be the answer you need!  Or, if you can't sleep and are just bored, that's cool too!  

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Do other women REALLY urinate on themselves too?

I think this is yeast, now what?

I don't feel like myself, but I have nothing to be sad about, is this normal?

Find out valid gynecology answers here!

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I STILL haven't posted your topic yet?Just Ask Dr. A! 

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About me

Dr. A

Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. A graduated from UAB with a BS in Biology.  She earned a Masters Degree in Education while applying to Medical School.  She graduated from Howard University College of Medicine and then Tulane University for her residency OB/GYN.  She also has a MBA from Auburn University.  She is a board certified OB/GYN.

Talks TOO Much

From elementary school until now, Dr. A has always been referred to as talkative.  In fact, "talks too much", was written on the majority of her report cards.  Now, she gets to use her gift of gab for good!


Hey guys!  There is a plethora of information that can be factual, untrue or a mixture of both.  I want you to feel comfortable knowing that the information I am providing is reputable.  I pray that it encourages you to seek proper and complete care.  I hope it calms fears or urges immediate evaluation.   I hope it helps!

 "Education of the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"-Aristotle

Love ya,

Dr. A